MICRODOSE | History of Danny Kass Part One with Absinthe Films

History lesson. Danny Kass changed snowboarding at a crucial time...Here's how it all began

Absinthe Films have embarked on quest to knowledge up young crew about some snowboarding history. The cool shit, that is seemingly not talked about, featured or mentioned anywhere these days. Hidden in a boot room, only to be found by the culturally thirsty kids. Which is so rare these days, given that content is served up on a platter via an apple.

Danny, grommet.

Check out part 1 of Absinthe’s deep dive into Danny Kass’ career and influencing on the entire snowboarding scene at large.

Danny, super grommet.

Word from Absinthe below:

Snowboarding has such a rich history that many young people have no idea about. That fact has inspired a new series, called: Microdose.

We are connecting with these legends to tell their story, and share their inspiration with the people who already know it, and with the people who don’t. This first Microdose is talking with Danny Kass , and his friends, about the beginning of his career. Not only is Danny a two time Olympic medalist, he changed snowboarding in the best way, when snowboarding needed it the most. Grenade brought everyone along, and the Full metal edges movies entertain us to this day. Join us as we tune in to one of Snowboardings real legends. Here is Part 1 (more coming soon).


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