Natural Selection Confirmed To Run Tomorrow! Everything You Need to Know to Watch LIVE

Go time baby! The first day of the YETI Jackson Hole Natural Selection action kicks off tomorrow...Let's GO!

Giddy Up! The first stop of the Natural Selection Tour kicks off tomorrow! The YETI Jackson Hole event is looking prime.

We chatted to Travis two days ago about the event and what conditions are looking like. Click here to cop that info.

Now for the Australian contingent of our audience, it’s kicking off tomorrow morning at 3:30AM and will run for the majority of the morning. It’s a public holiday tomorrow, so no excuses to wake up early and tune in!

Where can you watch live?! Right here. We will be hosting the streaming live across

Yesterday, The Natural Selection Opening Ceremony went down where the rider draw was done. Where the first head to head heats were all decided. Check out this STACKED heat list for tomorrow:

The course will run in the same dedicated spot as last year, however, with less snow in the forecast it’s going to make for a completely different type of riding. Faster and more furious. Travis Rice coined the conditions for the week as ‘sporty’.

Below is an overview of the course, that outlines each individual feature and their names. Study that shit. It will help during tomorrows live stream broadcast.

So, remember to set the alarm – 3:30AM AEST. Tune in here. Watch the worlds best have at it on one of the most creative / gnarly courses in snowboarding history.


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