Natural Selection | On Tomorrow! Head to Head Battle…Who You Backing?

It's ON. Live action tomorrow morning...all damn day for what will be some of the most superb snowboarding competition ever witnessed.

Game day baby. Who you got?

The first day of competition is kicking off tomorrow. You can watch it LIVE right here on Red Bull TV. For the Aussies (AEST) it’s live 2:30am and the Kiwis (NZDT) is 5:30am.

Now, it was a struggle to get out of bed for X Games in the early hours of the morning…hit snooze or fall back asleep. But for The Natural Selection, we’ll be up and glued to the screen from start to end. Hell, probably won’t even sleep.

How’s it going to run tomorrow? It’s a two run, head to head format. There’s 24 riders in total but only 8 men and 4 women will advance to the second day of competition.

Here’s the seeding for tomorrow…

STACKED! So each ‘heat’ tomorrow will allow each rider 2 runs with the ability for a third if in a tie breaker situation. Best score out of the 2 riders proceeds to day 2 of competition. Sucks to go last…those bombholes! But cool because it’s an equal playing field with your other competitor. Both dealing with the same conditions and terrain.

Who’s your pick? Gigi Ruf vs Austen Sweetin straight up…WOW. E Jack vs McMorris. Rasman vs Rice. Anderson vs Beaman. Every match up will be a must watch – so tune in. 2:30am. Worth it.

Travis Rice says, “I am overjoyed and totally thrilled that we’re on for the first day of the event tomorrow. And the really exciting piece of this is that we’re going to be running the event wall-to-wall, meaning through some little miracle, we’re going to ride the whole venue tomorrow and then get a proper reset for a final day. The snow is prime—it’s just the right density, high-performance snow—not too deep and it’s fast! We are go for launch!”

See you all bright and early. Stay tuned for events updates, results and more throughout the day…


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