New Film ‘CIRCUIT BREAKER’ ft. Jye Kearney & Josh Vagne Reviewed…

A refreshing take on snowboarding. New minds, new crew behind the lens and more motivation than ever before...

What happens when you lock snowboarders down in Australia over two consecutive Northern Hemisphere winters. ‘CIRCUIT BREAKER‘ is what you get!

For over two years, Jye Kearney the main lead in the new film ‘CIRCUIT BREAKER’ has been planning in his mind more so than on paper a new type of project. One that blends in all elements and aesthetics that he’s about coupled with a new era of Aussie snowboarding.

Jye was the driver of the ‘CIRCUIT BREAKER’ project. When he came to us with his concept in mind, we knew all we had to do was steer it in the right direction and the rest would naturally happen.

“It was good to get back after a few years unable to travel, was great to get that feeling again of doing what I love in a cool place. I never leave a trip fully satisfied, I am always keen to hit new unique spots and look forward to what is to come in the future” – Jye Kearney.

The talent of riding coming out of Australia the past few years is the strongest it’s been in a…very, long time. One of the riders who stands out above the pack is Josh Vagne. Making a somewhat triumphant return to the scene with more style, confidence and all round rad personality after his couple year hiatus. Once a child prodigy, now the chosen one for Jye’s latest project ‘CIRCUIT BREAKER’. Josh delivered.

Being Josh’s first ever street trip, he was definitely thrown into the deep end. From figuring out the Finnish culture to navigating his way around a foreign country looking for steel objects to snowboard on. Not to mention the language barrier. This ladies and gentlemen are the trials and tribulations of Aussie snowboarders filming overseas.

Josh didn’t let these barriers slow him down. From the get go, he had in his mind what he wanted and went after it to get it. From spot selection, trick selection and battling the elements. Josh has marked his name in the streets of Finland, with lots more cities waiting for him to show up and blow up.

A big part of ‘CIRCUIT BREAKER’ was steering away from the traditional ‘Shredit’ that was taking over the feeds of all snowboarders. The goal was to create something that took a slightly different creative direction, incorporating the use of 16mm and 8mm film and portrayed more of a ‘story’ theme from start to finish. Jye and Josh are equally interesting humans as they are snowboarders. Stylish while strapped in, and when not. The aim was to capture all of these elements amongst the incredible riding.

Don’t get us wrong! It’s always snowboarding first and foremost. But God something beautiful can be made when you combine a strong creative direction with such a creative output like snowboarding. In comes, Izrayl Brinsdon the Filmer, Editor and Director of ‘CIRCUIT BREAKER’.

Izrayl has come from the art, surf and skateboarding world. A snowboarder back in the day, he dove into years of creative projects after his snow stint and Jye was adamant that he had to return to the scene and film, edit and direct ‘CIRCUIT BREAKER’. Izzy took on the fucking cold winter of Finland head on and lead the crew into the month long project.

Lo-fi and honesty to me is the best when documenting a subculture. People get so caught up in making things perfect, with high tech cameras and post production tools. To me, that’s just killing the personality of the whole project, I try to embrace the imperfections and thing that maybe don’t look right – Izrayl Brinsdon.

Josh and Jye both have unique styles that I think work well with this kind of filming.

Jye and Izrayl’s working relationship really developed over the four week period. Juggling the stresses of being based in a foreign country, with no local guides, no red carpet rolled out, no other crews to lean on…the crew formed into a team to deliver the project.

Jye’s trip was cut short due to a broken collarbone. These are the type of things riders have to deal with on the regular. Injuries comes with the territory of filming a snowboard part.

Upon return, it was all in the hands of Izrayl to work his magic and master together all the riding, moments and memories to make ‘CIRCUIT BREAKER’.

A huge thanks to Burton Snowboards, Modest Eyewear and Kodak for all the support on the project.

You can watch ‘CIRCUIT BREAKER’ right below, and check in here for more from


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