New HBO Documentary ‘Dear Rider’ Premieres Today

A documentary paying homage to the Godfather of snowboarding, Jake Burton Carpenter...

It’s here! If you’re signed up to HBO Max you can now stream ‘Dear Rider’. Coming out in Aus & NZ soon. A new documentary produced by Redbull Media House on how Jake Burton Carpenter took a favourite childhood pastime and developed it into an international cultural phenomenon.

Culminating in the 2020 Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships, the first Burton event following Jake’s passing, Dear Rider is a vivid illustration of how one person’s dreams, coupled with tenacity and grit, can literally change the world.

HBO has listed on their website, the documentary will be available on demand tomorrow and hopefully available on other streaming services soon after.

Eddie Pells from Assocaited Press said the documentary was “A well-rounded portrait of the man who saw a sport in that undefined slab of fiberglass and forever changed life on the mountain.”

Michelle Bruton from Forbes said “‘Dear Rider’ is more than Burton Snowboards’ origin story; it’s a love letter to founder Jake Burton Carpenter”.

We can’t wait to check it out and will be back with a full review. Stay tuned…


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