No Parks…WTF? They’re an Essential Service!

Terrain parks are like water and bread...essential survival item

What on earth is going on with the terrain parks this winter? There’s word flying around that there might not be any parks at some resorts…

Ben Fawcett air to fakie in the Perisher Pipe | Image: Boen Ferguson

The speculation that there was going to be no terrain parks this season was initially sparked when Thredbo Resort released their winter 2020 operating plans stating “We are still confirming the finer details of operating our modified snow season but the following activities won’t be on offer when we initially open. We will continue to monitor the situation and advise guests if this changes“.

Listed as one of activities not going ahead for winter 2020 was terrain parks. What? I need to slide steel, catch mega air and shit myself daily…and so does about every other snowboarder on this planet. We live for that.

International superstar Stale Sandbech in the iconic Antons Terrain Park at Threbo | Image: Aedan O’Donnell

Perisher have been dominating the park scene in Australia the past few years and can confirm that they’re powering ahead with a full terrain park program for winter. Charles Beckinsale who was the ex Head of Terrain Parks for Perisher has returned back this season and is helping out the crew with building all the parks.

Charles stated in the below post “Excited to be back at work with Perisher Parks this winter, at a time where resorts are abandoning their park programs it’s great to see Perisher push forward”. Charles is currently in the workshop at Perisher modifying some old features and building some new ones…dope!

There’s a red hot rumor going around that the Head of Thredbo Terrain Parks and master builder Reuben Cameron is going back to Falls Creek Resort to build parks this winter. The below post from Falls Creek indicates that it’s game on for them this season. Mt Hotham Parks also followed suit with a similar post yesterday. Thredbo Parks and Buller Parks are….silent.

So…If Perisher, Falls Creek and Hotham are going ahead with terrain parks this season. It leaves a big question in our mind as to why Thredbo and Buller are potentially not building terrain parks this winter?

Meanwhile in NZ, the crew are already getting after it! Mt Hutt opened on the weekend with a fun little setup to kick of the season.

Current Transfer Resort Ranking:

Mt Hutt | 2

Perisher, Falls, Hotham | 1

Thredbo & Buller | 0

Stay tuned for updates…


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