One World Monday | Need More TREES Please!

Go behind the scenes of Burton's latest film 'One World'. We interview the films director Alex Adrian and more...

Winter’s here. Resorts are starting to open. There’s a big freaking storm hitting the Aussie resorts this week. We’re putting on the party of the season with Burton Snowboards this Thursday at the Hotel Steyne in Manly (RSVP HERE)…it’s all happening and we’re so ready to snowboard, party and enter winter mode. To feed your stoke and get you motivated to get out there, strap in, and attend the Burton One World Screening x Welcome to Winter parties we’re dropping behind the scenes episodes from the Burton One World Film weekly.

First up, we’re serving up the hypnotic riding and gliding from two of the films standouts – Anna Gasser and Christian Haller. Watch in awe as they weave tightly in and out of the iconic Powder Mountain in Utah’s trees. So sensual, very reminiscent of Craig Kelly weaving in the trees of Japan. Style master.

We could watch this shit all day. You know what makes it hypnotic? The filming! The humans behind the lens who capture the magic.

We caught up with One World film director Alex Adrian to chat about this particular segment in the film.

Transfer: Alex, how have you hypnotized us with these shots? Where did the concept come from?

Alex: The idea from this one stemmed from a mountain bike edit I saw a year or so ago where they shot everything with a slower shutter, but were going the same speed as the biker so it made everything look faster. Basically, the slow shutter made the trees blurry, but the rider was still pretty sharp. 

We were shooting this Rain Wear/Mountain Biking campaign at the time (when I saw the Mtn Bike video) and if you skip to like 30 seconds in this, you can see we did this shot on bikes. It was a lot easier cause we just found a trail with a road next to it and Gabe L’Heureux and I shot from the car. It was really cool and I wanted to try to do it on snow.

How on earth did you film this without hitting some trees then? Is this filmed in or out of the resort?

The logistics of doing it on snow was a lot harder than just driving a car next to a trail though. We would need a really good camera operator who could ski fast though the tree’s, and a dual operator so the camera operator could just focus on skiing and not hitting tree’s. Line of site would be important for that, as would easy access to power for charging, so we decided it would be best to do it at a resort – ideally a resort that got a lot of snow and wouldn’t get tracked out super quick. I visited Powder Mountain in December 2019 and knew it was the perfect spot.

Stay tuned for more episodes dropping every Monday! And in the meantime…come an watch the film, drink some party, party to live music and more at the Hotel Styene this Thursday. To see all the parties were putting on showing the One World film, click here and lock it in.


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