TMZ Snow | Plenty of Broken Hearts as Scotty James Announces Engagement

Tears of sorrow as snowboardings sweetheart is officially off the market...

Tears of sorrow…

Today, Aussie snowboarding superstar Scotty James announced his engagement to his forever partner, Chloe Stroll. The love heart emojis rolled in across social media as the couple made the big announcement, flakes falling from the sky and all that.

However, while its all joy for Scotty & Chloe, we can’t help but feel for the thousands of teenage hearts that have been crushed to pieces with the news that snowboardings golden boy is taken…FOREVER.

Who’s Chloe?! Wikipedia says she’s a “Canadian Songwriter and musician who is running in her early twenties. She is the daughter of billionaire Lawrence Stroll and Claire Stroll. Chloe has written and composed the song, Surrender which has over 115k views on YouTube. Her songs are also available on Spotify and iTunes.”

She’s also F1 racer, Lance Stroll’s sister. She is 26 years old. Her Zodiac sign is Aries.

Well played Scotty! We look forward to the wedding.


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