Snow causes havoc in Jindabyne | Snow shuts down snow town.

First time snow goer in Toyota Corolla literally shits himself.

Japan would be laughing right now. Same with North America and Europe, as Australia’s most famous snow town, Jindabyne, completely shuts down after early season snow storm.

Granted, it was a solid storm. Dumping up to 50cm on the resorts. And 15 cm in town. But the fact that in 2021 this type of snowfall renders our largest snow town incapacitated, is ironic and kinda embarrassing all wrapped up in one. No snow chains available for cars, No snow plow, Petrol stations shut down, Black outs, 15 cm of snow…All in winter.

Rumour has it the road issues and power outage was caused by Trevor a new Ski Tube operator from from Cairns in north QLD, who was racing to The Banjo to catch the State of Origin in his maroon Toyota Corolla.

We’re super worried about whether Trev made it home after game. Anyway, the good news is that the weekend is looking like one of the best openings ever. With all the resorts in Australia getting crazy levels of early season coverage.

And Jindy should have the power back on by Friday.

See you down there.


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