Terje Håkonsen Dropped by Burton?!

The ol' snowboard grape vine is humming with a new rumour ... and we're putting it out there to get some truth!

The G.O.A.T, icon, god amongst men, Norwegian pro-snowboarder Terje Håkonsen is no longer riding for his longtime sponsor Burton Snowboards.

We just received the official word from Burton, confirming that Terje no longer is on the team. Burton asked us to reach out to Terje for his comment. Which sparked our intrigue further.

Terje joined the Burton Snowboards team back in 1989! 32 years riding for the company…huge.

What led us to reaching out? We heard some rumours through the ol’ snowboarding grapevine, and noticed that Terje is no longer anywhere to be seen on Burton’s extensively revamped Team Rider page. Click here to check it out. Every name, from every country is on there…but no dice for longtime rider and godfather figure, Terje.

Burton declined to provide any reasoning as to why Terje is no longer on the team. What went down?!

Terje is still running @burtonsnowboards in his IG BIO.

Anyone out there have some insight? We want to hear from you!

We’ve reached out to Terje to see if he wants to comment. Stay tuned.


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