Terje Håkonsen Starts New Board Brand?

Fake account? Or forward movement? Somethings cooking on socials...

If you’ve been living under a rock the last couple weeks, the internet and social feeds have been firing up over this. Terje Håkonsen is no longer a rider for Burton Snowboards and no one knows why! We’ve reached out to Burton, no comment. We’ve reached out to Terje, no comment beyond he is waiting to hear back from Donna and isn’t sure.

Things escalated on socials, pro’s and industry relics mainly from the earlier era of snowboarding’s golden years fired up and ferociously posted about the situation, demanding some kind of response. But silence, still.

Then this new Instagram account was created @haakonsnowboards. What is this?! It can’t be true…no way. But it could be?

Either the joke of the year, or a new path for Terje – taking a direct stab at the iconic Burton “13” logo play.

The instagram Bio is elegantly written:

We used to believe in the good old days,

We still receive In little ways,

The things of kidness,

And unsporting brow,

Forget and allow“.

Deep. Maybe a little too deep for Terje’s liking? Anyways…let us know your thoughts or if you have any insight.

It currently has a following and one post that’s pro’s like Kevin Jones and Nik Baden are commenting in a positive light.


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