Update | Terje Håkonsen Dropped by Burton?! The Mob are Gettin’ Restless, Somethings Gotta Give…

In a world of mindless information...How is this not a big fucking deal? The search continues!

How on earth isn’t this a bigger story amongst the snowboard world?

Back in late July, the little ol’ Transfer Media Corporation Pty Ltd broke the story of the year! That Terje Håkonsen was no longer riding for Burton Snowboards. Yes, WTF?? Click here for original article.

We did some deep digging and noticed that Terje was no longer anywhere to be seen on Burton’s extensively revamped Team Rider page. Click here to check it out. Every name, from every country is on there…but no dice for longtime rider and godfather figure, Terje.

We chased official word from Burton Snowboards back in July, who confirmed that Terje was no longer on the team.

We were stunned. The GOAT, no longer with Burton? Terje joined the Burton Snowboards team back in 1989! 32 years riding for the company…huge. He is hands down is the G.O.A.T, icon, god amongst men, one of, if not the best snowboarders to ever and still do it. How can he no longer be riding for Burton?

Even more strange was when we asked the reasoning, Burton asked us to reach out to Terje for his comment. Strange? We thought VERY!

So we hit up Terje direct in July for a statement or a chat, to get his side of the story on this.

He simply replied “I’m waiting to hear back from Donna, so I’m not sure .. I’ll let you you know though“.


In a world of mindless information…How wasn’t this a big fucking deal? We continued to search but could find nothing. Not even of the fake news kind.

BUT FINALLY! Over the last couple days, the other side of the world has finally caught on and rumblings are beginning. Social feeds has seen the likes of JP Solberg, Pierre Wikberg and more post and comment on the issue.

JP Solberg initally commented:

Can we address the elephant 🐘 in the room?
I have to say that Terje getting cancelled by Burton for something that was said 3 years ago and for something that he repeatedly apologized for publicly is completely crazy. The part where this is going down without anyone in the industry raising an eyebrow and remaining silent is even more disappointing. Burton snowboards is going to cancel the greatest snowboarder of all time🤦🏼‍♂️

Terje has done more for our culture and snowboarding than all of us combined, in a GOOD way! He’s not a homophobe and he stood up for human rights more than anybody in our sport and in most sports even! A great inspiration to mine and so many peoples lives. What he said was wrong but did he say something so unforgivable that that we don’t see him as a peer anymore??
31 years on deck and dropped like a bad habit!
Burton claims to be snowboarding, I call bullshit!


I stand with T!

Pierre Wikberg soon followed with the below:

Just read an article on a Norwegian ski site that Terje’s contract wasn’t renewed by Burton and that there was little or no communication why this happened.
How isn’t every snowboard media company writing about this?!
He’s been on countless pages in magazines since the late 80’s and now when his sponsor of over THREE decades decides to let him go without a word why… shit is b-a-n-a-n-a-s 🍌
I refuse to believe this is the result of his clumsy tweet from six years ago where he used the word gay in a joke.
He has explained at length that it was a mistake and that he’s not a homophobe. Anyone who believe he is should try harder to understand where he’s coming from. He has a gay uncle, he has two kids with a bisexual woman… the man isn’t a homophobe.
On the other hand if this matter isn’t the reason why Burton let him go without saying why, to him nor the snowboard industry, then what’s the reason? And no, I don’t believe it’s a budget reason.
Is this cancel culture in 2021, or just a confusing business move by Burton?

We feel like something is gonna give soon…Its gonna be big…Pulitzer big!

We have again reached out to Terje again for a chat…stay tuned.

Anyone out there have some insight? We want to hear from you! Email – editor@transfermag.com

Stay tuned for more on this soon…


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