The Stomping Grounds On The Ground Update | “This Kid Is The Future”…

Since our last on the ground update, the sun still continues to shine, the hangovers are slightly heavier and the setup is still as stunning as ever.

Their was a premiere party last night in town, so we were able to fire some questions over to the head honcho Charles Beckinsale, the creator of Stomping Grounds to give us some insight into what’s gone down the past few days.

Charles, fired over some straight to the point / hungover responses to our straight to the point questions. Just how we like it.

Transfer: What and who has been doing the craziest shit the past few days up there?


Ayumu Hirano is going crazy. He did a frontside TRIPLE in the pipe!

Chloe Kim casually did a cab 12 in the pipe also…first female to do one!!!

We don’t have vision of the cab 12 yet…but here’s a just as if not more beautiful method from Chloe.

And Lucas Foster, this kid from the US Snowboard Team did a backside 16! Pretty sure that’s the first to ever be done also.

Shaun White took a heavy slam on the coping a couple days ago…he then got up and kept sessioning. That guy is a beast, 35 and charging!

There’s also this 15 year old Japanese kid called Taiga Hasegawa, that has done all four 18’s in the last two days…he is so dope, good style and massive tricks, he’s the future!


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