Transfer x Baldface Trip | NYE 24/25

Join us for a private Transfer cat boarding experience at Baldface to ring in the new year...

Ready to experience snowboarding in the form of ecstasy? Brace yourself for the trip of a lifetime – no, scratch that, the trip of your wildest dreams. You deserve it. Securing a spot at Baldface isn’t just a feat, it’s legendary. But guess what? We’ve pulled off the impossible and secured a full cat for the NYE slot. Picture this: a 12-seat private Transfer cat waiting for you at Baldface Lodge, just in time for a dangerously wild New Year’s Eve celebration. This isn’t your average boardin’ trip. This is the stuff legends are made of. Imagine…riding untouched powder, transported in the comfort a snowcat, surrounded by Canada’s finest scenery. We will stop banging on. Just watch the below video.
But here’s the kicker: spots are limited. So if you’re ready to live life and do what is truly important; make snowboard memories that will last a lifetime, you better act fast. Drop us a line in our IG DM’s to secure your spot and let the boardin’ begin.
    • December 30 – Arrive at Baldface Lodge via helicopter.
    • December 31 – Ride like there’s no tomorrow. Transfer x Baldface NYE Party.
    • January 1 – Ride, ride, ride.
    • January 2 – One last ride (half day) before heading home via helicopter.
And here’s what’s included:
    • Accommodations fit for royalty.
    • Gourmet meals to fuel your non-stop all day riding.
    • Daily cat boarding that will blow your mind.
    • Expert guides to show you the way.
    • Avalanche safety course to keep you dialed in.
    • Round-trip helicopter flights because why not?
Just remember, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is which run to take on next. Oh, and maybe when you have to switch from beer to wine. Baldface is calling, and it’s time to answer. Hit us up in our DM’s here and we’ll be in touch.


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