Watch Anna Gasser’s New Full-Length Documentary ‘The Spark Within’

From gymnastics superstar to snowboarding royalty, changing the game...forever.

Did you know Anna Gasser switched from a promising career in gymnastics to snowboarding at the age of 18?!

Crazy that from the switch, evolved one of the most exciting snowboarders to ever to do it, and still do it strong.

The Austrian has spent the last decade changing women’s snowboarding forever by smashing glass ceilings and decoding tricks for future generations of snowboarders. The new documentary, The Spark Within, highlights her thrilling journey to get to where she is today.

Anna said “I am incredibly proud to be finally able to present the film. It’s great to be able to show the sport that has given me so much, from my perspective.”

The full film is now playing on Red Bull TV now for free. Click here to watch now.


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