10 Mins With Transfer | LIVE with Travis Rice & ‘Natural Selection’

I’ll say it again, snowboarding on steroids. This is the much needed injection snowboarding has been needing. Travis Rice is the man behind the foreword-thinking event ‘Natural Selection’ which has now been boiling in the pot for over 20 years. Go figure.

Travis hands down is one of the most influential snowboarders to ever grace our amazing snow globe called earth and has achieved and created some incredible things over the past two decades. He’s always on the search for what’s next, and well…Natural Selection is what’s next and we’re overly excited to see it roll out. How good is fresh air? Breathe it in…

Robin Van Gyn going big at the trial run in Jackson Hole earlier in the year…

Back in 2008, Travis in collaboration with Quiksilver ran the ‘Quiksilver Natural Selection’ with its prime purpose being to bring a competitive element to riding natural terrain, like you would out in the backcountry filming a video part. Where was it hosted? Jackon Hole of course, Travis’ home resort.

Overtime Travis has refined the original concept with other events such as the Red Bull Supernatural and later on UltraNatural. These have all been one off events.

Travis and his crew have been working hard in the background to launch a ‘tour’ for the upcoming Northern Hemisphere 20/21 season. No one more one off events, it’s now entered a new real of competition which is sure to lively up the snowboarding scene right now.

Earlier in the year, The Natural Selection hosted some top tier riders to Jackson Hole for a test taste of what’s to come – get things dialed and have some fun during the process. Riders such as Austen Sweetin, Blake Paul, Bode Merrill, Bryan Fox, David Carrier Porcheron, Elena Hight, Hana Beaman, Leanne Pelosi, Nicolas Müller, Pat Moore, Robin Van Gyn, Sage Kotsenburg, and Werni Stock all tested the course at Jackson Hole and proved to be a great success.

There’s more details dropping on the tour next week. What we know for now that stop one kicks off in January 2021 featuring both top male and female riders competing at top notch destinations across North America.

Stay tuned for more details dropping soon. Click here to follow and get the low down on what’s to come.


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