When We Could Party | Welcome to Winter with Burton Recap

A look back, at the times we lived earlier in the winter. Beer, live music, crowds, human interaction...all satisfaction.

No time like lockdown to look back and reflect on the good times had earlier in the winter. It’s not all bad, but…we’re stoked to have pulled off with Burton Snowboards our ‘Welcome to Winter’ party tour that hit Australia & New Zealand earlier in the season.

Where did we hit? We did the full tour and hit Sydney, Jindabyne, Auckland and Queenstown! Hit those links for a full recap on each party.

These weren’t just your average parties…we curated local culture to stoke out the local crowd. To showcase there’s more creativity in our snowboarding communities than just snowboarding – music, art and all the jazz we love. Plus we had screenings of Burton’s film ‘One World’ as well as screened interviews with international Burton riders and local riders in attendance such as – Danny Davis, Mark McMorris, Maria Thomsen, Carlos Garcia-Knight, Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, Jye Kearney and more.

Beers flowed thanks to Pirate Life & Corona NZ and had live performances from Street Creature & The Cloobs.

All of the above, coupled with a flaming sensation to socialise and immerse ones self in alcohol, snowboarding and good times…was a perfect recipe for nights to remember (can’t really remember too much).

Dive into our time capsule gallery. More good times soon! x

The snow season has started which also means the party season has started which also means the hangovers have started. Welcome to winter.

Last night Transfer and Burton Snowboards took over the Hotel Steyne for the first ‘Welcome Back to Winter’ party on the 5 stop tour!


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