Where’s Scotty James? And What’s His Big Secret?

The 3 x Olympian, 3 x World Champ, 3 x X Games Gold Medalist, US Open Champ and more has been nowhere to be seen so far in the World Cup competitive circuit. Why?

The World Cup season is now well underway with the Copper Grand Prix and Dew Tour taking place a couple weeks ago. History was made at the recent Dew Tour with Ayumu Hirano putting down the first ever triple cork in competition. Shits heating up, but Scotty James is nowhere to be seen.

Everyone has been competing, with the Beijing Winter Olympics fast approaching, only now one month away. People are fighting for spots on their countries teams, but also fighting for their winning run. Shaun White, Ayumu Hirano, Ruka Hirano, Tayor Gold, Yuto Totsuka, David Hablützel and even Danny Davis have all been competing. But no Scotty James.

For someone who chases the World Cup season with gold in his eyes all season long. And wins gold all season long, one can only wonder what’s his approach?

Secured on the Aussie Olympic team. Is he holding out for the big showdown, the one in four year showdown. Not wanting to give away anything prior. Perhaps holding onto a big secret? A new move he doesn’t want to drop, so his competition doesn’t catch wind and potentially threaten his Olympic Gold campaign.

We have a source, who says he’s been training relentlessly in a privately built halfpipe to come in firing when the Games kick off in February. Location said to potentially be in a secret underground bunker 60 miles off the coast of Monaco.

Or will he show for the Mammoth Grand Prix, or X Games, or the Laax Open? We know Laax is his favourite pipe to ride and compete in and X Games is something he dreams of making his 3 gold medals into 4.

Competitive snowboarding is 95% mind games, 5% snowboarding. Scotty is definitely a master of both.


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