The Dump by Transfer | Episode 4 – Charles Beckinsale & Ryan Tiene

We go all in for this episode of The Dump! Discussing snowboarding, money, varying paths on the board, life choices and more with two of the best to do it...

Olympic Gold Medallist Torah Bright & Transfer Editor Richie Carroll get deep with two of the most influential Aussie snowboarders of the last 15 years – Charles Beckinsale & Ryan Tiene.

From humble beginnings, these two both made names for themselves internationally as pro snowboarders and are now continuing to give back to the sport in a huge way. Charles as arguably the worlds top Terrain Park builder and Ryan with Australia’s top snowboard program. Enjoy!

We chat on a handful of topics from how both of them hustled their way to the top, paychecks, sponsor struggles, the current state of snowboarding in the Southern Hemisphere and where both of their heads are at now…having been in the scene for over 15 years!

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