The Dump by Transfer | Episode 11 ft. Emily Arthur

Emily Arthur's story is one that hasn't yet been properly told. We sit down with Emily and explore her life, challenges, the competitive scene, future plans and the upcoming Winter Olympics...

As the Olympics near closer and closer and the World Cup snowboarding season kicks off in less than a few days, we sit down with Olympic Halfpipe snowboarder Emily Arthur to chat all things snowboarding, life, future plans and more.

We explore Emily’s challenges as a competitive snowboarder on the world stage, what’s it like being a boarder from down under, how she’s preparing for the upcoming Winter Olympic games and what goes on behind the scenes at the Olympics.

Emily has big plans post Olympics, and she’s a straight shooter. Giving us an insight into what’s next on her hit list and her overall vibe of the scene currently.

Huge shoutout to Burton Snowboards and Hard Fizz for supporting the podcast!

You can listen to the episode on Spotify now here, or below. The episode also available on Apple Podcast to listen here.


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