The Dump by Transfer | Episode 9 ft. Scotty James

We sit down with Scotty to chat all things Olympics, the road to gold, the legacy he wants to leave behind, what the future for SJ looks like, new wine sponsor and lots more. Tune in...

We got him! We were stoked to sit down with Scotty James prior to the kick off of the Northern Hemisphere season to chat everything snowboarding, life, legacy, business, future and more.

The Olympics is just around the corner…February 2022! The only thing missing on Scotty’s trophy wall is Olympic Gold. We get deep and chat his approach and journey leading into the Olympics Games and while it’s important, he’s got more he wants to tick off before, during and after!

Shout out to Burton Snowboards and Hard Fizz for supporting the podcast!

You can listen on Spotify here, or below and Apple Podcasts here.


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