The Dump by Transfer | Episode 5 – Marcus Skin

One this weeks episode we chat to snowboard filmer, Marcus Skin. From Perisher to the peaks of Alaska, Marcus has been on a wild journey the past few years. Best of all, he's got an all access pass to the closed doors of the pro snowboard industry...

We dump it all out this week for Episode Five with snowboard filmer, Marcus Skin. Marcus grew up wanting to be a pro snowboarder, hot lapping Perisher with the homies…a few injuries and life path changes, he’s now hanging out of helicopters filming the likes of Mark McMorris, Travis Rice, Sage Kotesenburg a more.

Marcus’ life on the pro snowboard circuit now, travelling non-stop all year round makes for quite the chat, even better – the story of a kid from Canberra that chased his dreams and navigated through some tricky shit to get to where he is today.

Marcus has an key to the closed doors of the snowboard world. What really goes on before comps like X Games? Who’s the crew on the tour? Who sucks?

Marcus also throws down some simple, yet sage advice for anyone looking to get involved in the snowboard world – filming, shooting, industry, anything. There’s one trick, that comes naturally to Marcus and goes along way.

Thanks to our good friends Burton Snowboards & Hard Fizz for the love and support. Sit back, tune in, enjoy the dump…

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