Transfer Travel | Unveiling CMH Galena: The Ultimate Boardin’ Haven

Needing your snowboarding cup filled? This one's for you...

In the vast expanse of British Columbia’s untamed backcountry, there exists a hidden treasure, a haven for riders who want it all— the lovely CMH Galena. Tucked within the embrace of the Purcell Mountains’ rugged allure, this alpine sanctuary calls out to all riders seeking a 24/7 playground pulsating with powder, pillows and peaks. One of the best weeks riding we’ve had to date.

All day, every run. Spoilt snowboarders.

There’s an iconic tradition for a tight-knit group of powder-thirsty Australians that has been running for just over 25 years—’Aussie Week’ at CMH Galena.

Aussie Week at CMH Galena is a spirited celebration that brings the vibrant Australian surf and snow culture to the heart of the Canadian Rockies. The week was originally ignited by the co-founder of Ripcurl, Brian Singer, and his good mates, Alan Green and John Law, who started Quiksilver. They wanted access to all the terrain and all the powder without the pain of aligning dates, availability, and crew. They wanted it to themselves, and so began the campaign for ‘Aussie Week’.

Turns, turns and turns.

CMH agreed to open the lodge two weeks earlier than normal operations. Cheaper rates, meters of untouched powder, the first to explore the variety of rideable terrain— it’s a no-brainer that has now become a 25-year tradition that isn’t going anywhere.

Featuring icons of the industry like Nat Young, Robbie Walker and more. It’s attracted industry folk, athletes, friends and family and now a wider circle humming with good vibes, ripability and adventure.

I spy…

We jumped in on this season’s ‘Aussie Week’ to see firsthand what it was all about.

Galena ain’t your normal heli-operation vibe, it’s a sanctuary where riders find their pilgrimage. With people committing to the annual migration in late December every year.

Once you get the slightest taste of gliding down pristine terrain, turning up a storm through trees packed with fresh powder and carving lines for 7 hours a day…. you will want more, and more, and more. With access to over 300 kilometers of terrain, Galena turns it on.

Unrivaled Rideable Terrain

What sets CMH Galena apart isn’t just opulence; it’s the mouth watering terrain. From expansive bowls to meticulously spaced trees, this powder hounds utopia caters to the rider looking for a taste of it all. Riders can test their heart rate on steep chutes and breathtaking descents on one run and clock hundreds of fresh turns in the majestic trees on the next. Choose your own adventure style.

Week 1 and LOTS of snow. Powder guarantee.

Masters of the Mountain: Guides of Glory

At CMH Galena, the guides are more than instructors—they’re stewards of these snow-covered treasures. Endowed with an innate understanding of terrain, weather nuances, and safety protocols, these experts elevate your journey, ensuring a safe glide through the powder while revealing the best-kept secrets of these majestic peaks.

How do I apply?

All the creature comforts, why not?!

While thrill-seekers find their haven at CMH Galena, it doesn’t skimp on comfort and more good times. The lodge harmonizes rustic charm with modern amenities, offering solace after a day of conquering slopes. Envision evenings of après by a crackling fire, reliving day’s escapades with fellow riders, or unwinding in the sauna—rejuvenating weary muscles for another day of deep riding.

Plus… fireworks to couple nicely with your cocktail of choice.

A cult we want to be apart of.

CMH Galena isn’t just a stopover; it’s a legacy. It’s where riders create memories that don’t fade away like those days in the resort. It’s where passion intertwines with nature, where the pursuit of adventure harmonizes with respect for the environment.

How to get involved? Easy. Find your crew, lock in your dates here, get in touch with the team at Travelplan (who will have everything sorted for you) and prepare for a week every rider deserves in Gods country.


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