Watch Now | MEDIUM Gets to Work During Lockdown…

Lockdown hit. This crew from Jindabyne didn't stop, they got after it even harder. Taking on new street spots, getting out back and getting creative...Watch Now.

Words: James Herring

There’s all these crews and all these names flying around now. I’m confused. One thing that is for certain though is that this new video from ‘MEDIUM‘ goes. Real hard. Watch it, repeat it, revel in it.

Australian street edits are few and far between… for apparent reasons. However, that makes visual diamonds like Court all the more satisfying. 

While most of us have been watching daily updates, binging old school snowboard videos and drinking way too much cheap piss (or at least this human has). Medium’s Reuben Riegler has been working hard behind the lens to pump out Medium’s second edit; Court. 

Court is a rugged, rough, raw and resoundingly appealing 6-minute edit, filmed around the Perisher and Guthega area during the Jindabyne/NSW lockdowns. 

Aesthetically speaking, this film has a creative shade and we dig it… the soundtrack, the colour scheme, the film style (not that it’s captured on 35mm film but more so the overall vibe).

We open up with Chris Busetti and Tas Forest running a muck around Guthega, laying claim to any handrail/wall/rooftop that they could destroy. Before being joined by Josh Vagne and Troy Sturrock for a vacant Perisher, side hit sesh.  

One of the DAMN! moments has to be Tas Forest axing his Dinosaurs Will Die Wizard Stick into Gum Tree for a wee tail tap to a clean nose slide… worth a double-take. 

After the middle section metal mind meld, the Mommas Boys crew welcome the ender with a crunchy sunrise serenade off some side country booters, beater party lines and all!

Finally, the end sequence of the short is something we don’t get to see often, if at all! Never been done? Sessioning the handrail next to the ticket office at Perisher… it’s one of those rails I’ve always contemplated could of’s and should of’s. 

But these lads came out and did it! Proving how sketchy it is, exemplified by Thomas Dewar war wounds or Tas careening into that pillar… but in the end, it’s definitely worth it for the chance at such a unique spot. 

These are the small silver linings we have mentioned before; footage like this in a regular season would be so hard or damn near impossible to create. 

It’s summed up perfectly in the films final shot: A closed sign, snow puking, Perisher devoid of all customers, and a lone ripper gliding down the hill, shovel in hand, chucking a cheeky nose butter for shits and giggles. 

Lockdowns suck, but at least we get some gems like this out of it. 

More of this. Please. Thank you.


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