YES Snowboards Tasman Team in Japan

YES. Bring That Un Inc/All Inc Ruckus

The YES. team are doing us another solid and dropping a full Japan edit of the Tasman Team’s trip… Japan All Inc.

You would have seen over the last few months YES. releasing rider profiles of the crew they’ve assembled as their Aussie/Kiwi team: The Tasman(iacs)

But this edit isn’t interviews and all that; it’s just high-octane shredding. 

Japan All Inc is only a 6 and a half minute edit, so there isn’t time for a Standard Films style 5-minute intro to the film (not that there is anything wrong with that).

It’s a brief hello, then we are straight into it. 

The soundtrack (2 songs) match the riding style, balls to the wall, hold on and let’s go. 

Edited with minimal usage of slow-motion of a full clip really exemplifies this speed as well… slow-motion is still used, but filmer and editor Jakob Kennedy of Phootstep Films utilizes it with pinpoint accuracy…you’ll see what I mean.

Considering this is a short edit, the riders list is anything but. 

An immense crew is featured here, including JP SolbergDaniel EkJesse KennedyTom PelleBriony May JohnsonRyuta (the legend drinking beer out of his prosthetic leg at the beginning), Chris O’SheaMike Handford, Reckless Jeffreys, Amine Yasmine, and Jakob Kennedy.

It’s hard to identify who you are watching at times though, as there are no name graphics until the credits. Similarly to how Dustbox runs their edits. You have to play the game of pick-the-kit. 

This only became slightly annoying to me because I want to know who gave themselves one of the scorpions of the year at the 4-minute mark… But, seriously, go to the 4-minute mark…what the fuck!

But besides that minor grievance, this is 6 minutes of full-on, kick-ass, bar-punching, Tokyo street partying, mo-hawk giving, inflatable suit-wearing entertainment. 

Check it out.


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