Winter Missions W21 Ep.3 | Strong Crew Rip & Tear Perisher

Josh Vagne, Troy Sturrock, Georgia Nicholls-Austin, Billy Hayman, Jye Kearney & Andy James take over the wheel for the day! The result...

We’re back and we switched things up for Winter Missions Winter 21 Episode 3! We handed the keys to our Ford Ranger & Everest whips to some of a heavy crew of Australia’s top riders. The mission? Go out and do what they do best – RIP & TEAR.

The crew? We rounded up Josh Vagne, Andy James, Georgia Nicholls-Austin, Billy Hayman, Jye Kearney & Troy Sturrock and sent them up to Perisher Resort. Perisher boasts Australia’s Premier Terrain Park setup and the crew got to work…diving head first into a full day of hot laps in and around the outskirts of thy’ faithful terrain park.

Now…It wouldn’t be a mission without hooking the crew up with the essentials. We stocked the crew up with Pirate Life Beers, AllPress Coffee all stashed, stored and cooled in the YETI coolers. Halleluiah.

It’s hard to wrangle six of the best riders to meet at one spot. Snowboarders…they’re a creative and not so timely bunch. ESS Boardstore was where we handed the keys and the crew got their AllPress caffeine fix before hitting the road up to the resort.

On the way, the crew pulled the cars over the side to shovel some snow in the coolers to keep the beers iced. Priorities.

Upon arrival, they were greeted with blue skies, sun shining, minimal winds, hero snow and not a lift line in set. Hot laps engage. The crew did not hold back, getting straight into it.

The best thing about riding with a crew of talented and eclectic riders is…the constant progression that happens throughout the day. Learning new tricks, pushing boundaries and having fun whilst doing it. Topped off with a heavy dose of peer pressure to get you over the line to try that next trick. What a session.

After the park had been torn to bits. It was to the mini park, for some more fun in the sun. Andy James is a freak. Nice guy. But a freak on the board. He put about 30 attempts in to try a kickflip on his board. As always, he finally nailed it. A feat that no rider should be able to conquer, it was BEER O’CLOCK. The G-SHOCK Watch never lies.

The crew mobbed their way back down to the Winter Missions cars where they were greeted with those preempted ice cold Pirate Life Beers. Smart snowboarders. Reveling in the afternoon, as they always do. Beers, banter and a few bruises.

Huge shoutout to all our partners for making these Winter Missions possible and Laura! So rad to work with brands we love, and have them support what we love. Thanks to Ford Australia for the wheels, GoPro for all the camera, YETI for all the gear, Allpress Espresso for the caffeine, The North Face for all the outerwear and kit, Pirate Life for the beer, Oakley for the prime vision and G-Shock for the time keepers!


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