An Idiots Guide On How To Win Over $10K If You Can Ride a Snowboard…

You'd be stupid not to give this a go! Battle of the Bubble is currently running and there's money to be won...

The Battle of the Bubble online comp is currently running! Burton has teamed up with GoPro, Thredbo Resort & Cardrona to bring some new approach to the online comp scene, and it’s REALLY EASY TO ENTER.

Entries close August 31st and there’s a $20K prize purse to be won. Six winners picked by a panel of experts will receive a prize pack from YETI, GoPro & Burton valued at up to $1,000.

These six winning videos, will make up the finalist shortlist. From September 1 to 8, the voting is open up to general public where one video will win $5,000! Plus, the panel of judges will pick their favourite video entry to also win another $5,000.

So if your entry please both the people, and the judging panel…you could be walking away with a nice $10,000 cash plus a $1,000 pack from YETI, GoPro and Burton.

Now to the easy part, how do you enter?!

Step 1 – Capture The Experience

Grab a GoPro or your phone (60 frames per second for best Quik editing experience). Head to Thredbo or Cardrona. Press record and go for it. You need to hit the “Battle of the Bubble” specific feature in the resort, however you are not limited to just filming on this. You can film anything on the mountain, as long as the feature makes at least one appearance.

Step 2 – Edit It Up: Download and use the Quik App.

In order to have a legit entry. You need to edit your entry in the Quik App. The Quik app is super user friendly with both GoPro’s or simply just with footage filmed on your phone or another camera. It’s a no brainer to cut all your videos with style in Quik. Below are a few helpful tip videos to make it clear as crystal how easy it is to use. You can even have it Auto Edited!

Basic Editing Features | Get Skilled Up to Win the Cash!
Quik Speed | Get a Little Tech and Play with Speed
Lazy AF? Let Quik Auto Edit Your Entry…

Step 3 – Upload to Instagram + Use The Right Tags!

This is SO EASY. All you need to do is post your final edit entry to your personal Instagram profile and in the copy section of the post you need to use the hashtag #BattleOfTheBubble22 and then tag these accounts @burtonaustralianz & @goproanz.

Don’t wait around. Conditions are on at the moment at both resorts and the features are in. Lock in your day, find your crew and get to work.

For more info, click here.


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